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2000 Saturn
Zilla 1K 300 HV Controller PFC-30 Charger
Top Speed of 100mph Range 45 at 45mph This is great little car... very very nice.
Base Vehicle: 1997 chevy S10 pick-up Conversion parts Cost: approximately $22,000, with Zilla Z2K 348volt 2K controller, Warp 13 motor direct drive, PFC 20 manzanita charger
Top speed unknown, has gone 76 MPH Acceleration: 0-60 MPH in 10 seconds,
Range: estimated 20miles at 50mph, with 28, PC1200 Odyssey battery pack
Price: Must sell make offer!
Base Vehicle: 1986 Mazda pickup truck
Conversion parts Cost: approximately $10,500 with 156volt zilla controller
Top Speed: 75mph Acceleration: zero to sixty in 18 seconds, Range: estimated 100miles at 50mph,with 40 6v golf cart batteries

$12,800 OBO SOLD!
Base Vehicle: 1984 Mitsubishi Mighty Max
Logicsystem 72 V 750 Amp Controller.
50 mile range at 40 miles per hour, top speed is 60mph. Price: $7,000.00 firm
Base Vehicle: 1983 Mazda pickup truck
Conversion parts Cost: approximately $7,075

Top Speed: 70 mph Acceleration: zero to sixty in 25 seconds,
Range: estimated 50 miles under average conditions at 40mph Price:$15,800
Base Vehicle: 1980 Porsche 924 Located in Kentucy
Top Speed: 75 + mph Range: 20miles at 50 mph 11' Motor
asking price: $18,000.00
Base Vehicle: posche911 chassis Porsche 959 fiberglass kit body
Top Speed: 85 + mph Range: 50 miles at average 50 mph zero to sixty in 10 seconds
asking price: $65,000.00

Base Vehicle: 1989 300zx Nission Motor:War P 9" motor Controller: Zilla 1000 amp Drivetrain: 5 speed transmission with clutch System Voltage:156 volts
Batteries: 26 x 6volt Charger: PFC-20
Top Speed: 70+mph Acceleration: 0-60 in 28sec. Range: 40 miles (estimated)

Base Vehicle: 1989 Hyundai Excel
Top Speed: 50 mph Acceleration: 0-45 in 15 seconds
Range: 35 miles at average 40mph
this is an old picture it has been over hauled and it looks nicer

Base Vehicle: 1988 Toyota Tercel
Top Speed: 50 mph Acceleration: 0-45 in 15 seconds range 40 miles at average 40mph asking price:$11,000.00

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